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Robert Waxman is the author of (3) books and many original articles on esoteric philosophy. He has been a guest on national radio and television to discuss universal wisdom that has been passed down through-out the ages. He believes that esoteric philosophy should be accessible to anyone from any faith, race, nationality and background. He presents a vast array of compelling myths from various traditions to explain the workings of the inner world. His books blend wisdom and metaphors from recent and ancient history into an innovative blueprint for personal transformation and material enrichment.

Robert challenges his audiences on emotional as well as intellectual grounds. The results are outstanding growth, shift and breakthrough on professional, organizational and personal levels. Invigorating, inspirational and thought-provoking, his presentation leaves no audience indifferent. He has delighted audiences with his stories of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary results in the area of life that is most important to them. Robert does not speak to or at the audience. He rather speaks with the audience. One of the best compliments that we often hear after Robert's lectures is about his authenticity on and off the platform.

Driven by his own personal moving story, Robert Waxman communicates to his audience through the heart-an uncommon style in today's media driven world. He weaves subtle, yet life-changing lessons into riveting tales of spiritual adventure and intrigue-both on paper and on the podium. In his passionate talks, Robert reveals the secrets of transformation that he was forced to learn in order to turn his life around. He'll show you how to unlock your performance potential, banish destructive beliefs and claim the happiness you deserve. And he learned the biggest secret of all: You are only as happy as you perceive yourself to be. He also shows you strategies that lead to greater self-esteem that will lead to balance and harmony in your life. You can control how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. You're either falling forward or backward - no one stands still.

In Robert's classes, you'll learn to make conscious choices that restore balance to your life and put you in synch with your true self and sense of purpose. You will discover your top priorities, whether it's professional success, family devotion, or a spiritual search for meaning. You'll be able to harness those passions that compete for your attention and create a mission statement that keeps you focused on your true purpose and goals. Sometimes, finding a new focus in your life will help you develop a purposeful plan. Clarify your highest priorities by defining specific actions to enhance your transformational process. Discover and fine tune what is most important to you as you build upon your courage to change the things you can. After all the work you've done, you owe it to yourself.